imagine...a life free from pain…

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I intuitively combine Guided Meditation, Thai Massage + Fascial Stretch Therapy and Sound Baths based on what I feel your body needs, and from our consultation. Please let me know of any preferences when booking, and I'm completely happy to tailor the treatment to your own unique needs :-)

When receiving a treatment, comfortable loose fitting clothing is worn.


My Training

  • 150 Hour Certification, Thai Massage Toronto, summer 2017
  • Restorative Yoga Training, Andrea Pelosi, Toronto Yoga Conference, spring 2018
  • Fascial Stretch Therapy, Stretch To Win Institute, spring 2019
  • 200hr Yoga Teacher Training, Passion Yoga School, fall 2019,
  • with a curriculum focused on Self-Empowerment, the Divine Feminine & Sacred Ceremony
  • Personal yoga practice, 10+ years
  • Personal development, 5000+ hours

Thai Massage

Thai Massage combines acupressure, stretching, rocking, kneading and assisted yoga postures. Thai Massage is an ancient healing art, thought to be 2500+ years old, and is one of four branches of traditional Thai medicine, with influences from Buddhism, Chinese and Ayurveda medicine. In Thai Massage, we work with the Sen lines (Meridians) in the body, which are the energy channels that flow throughout the body. The Meridians are the same system treated in Acupuncture. It's believed that physical and emotional stress can build up in the Meridians, creating pain, tightness and blockages.

When I first tried Thai Massage, I felt like I had transported myself to a new dimension of healing. I was hooked and never looked back.

Fascial Stretch Therapy

Fascial Stretch Therapy is a technique originally developed to treat professional athletes. It is a very effective treatment for pain relief and improved mobility, flexibility and strength. Restrictions in fascia can happen from lifestyle (like sitting for long hours), post-injury (even from years/decades ago), sports and illness. Advanced interactive techniques can be used throughout the treatment, to improve the muscle’s response by targeting the muscle stretch reflex.

30 years ago, knowledge of fascia was very limited. The latest research is showing the benefits of stretching the fascia. Fascia is connective tissue, wrapping around the muscles, joints, blood vessels and nerves in the body, like a suit underneath our skin.

Crystal Bowl Sound Baths

Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls are a modernized version of Tibetan Singing Bowls, which are made of metal and have been used for centuries in meditation. Quartz Crystal Singing bowls are made out of pure quartz crystal, and are used as meditation and relaxation tools, for deeper Chakra work, and aide in clearing blockages. The notes organically created in each bowl are said to align with the different Chakras. The bowls I am currently working with are C-G-A (Root-Throat-3rd Eye). You do not need to work with a specific bowl/Chakra to feel the relaxing and transcendental affects.

You can experience a Sound Bath on it's own or pair it with a Massage. I love getting into the intuitive creative flow during all my sessions!

Heart-Centered Life & Business Coaching

I have been called to do this before I even knew what "it" was, and I have been doing this intuitively my whole life. We all contain within us the power & wisdom to heal ourselves. Sometimes we just need a guide, a compassionate mirror, to gently remind us to love ourselves first, to show us our blind spots and forgotten shadows. This work is a journey in trusting our intuition and staying in touch with our gut instincts, which is not always easy! In today's world, many of us live our lives so far removed from our own inner wisdom, it's overwhelming to even know how or where to begin.

I am so grateful to be trusted by many brave souls who walk this path with me. A free 15-30 minute phone consultation begins the process.


Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Baths: 

$40+hst for 30 minutes, 1 person

$75+hst for 1 hour, 1-2 people

Events - Starting at $30+hst per person. Visit my blog for my next Event & Retreat!


Massage Treatments:

$75+hst for 1 hour

$105+hst for 1.5 hours

$140+hst for 2 hours

$210+hst for 3 hours

The Space:

My treatment space is a spacious and tranquil attic with lots of plants, located on the 3rd floor, in Toronto's Junction area. On windy days, there is a soothing, blustery sound that comes through the windows. Scroll down for map!

*Gift Certificates available!*

I accept email money transfer to, credit card, debit tap, PayPal, and cash.

Contact me below to book a treatment! Please include as much information as possible about what you're looking for and I will get back to you promptly.

Thank you :-)

The Space

My treatment space is a spacious and tranquil attic with lots of plants, located on the 3rd floor. On windy days, there is a soothing, blustery sound that comes through the windows. My treatment space is in my home - Closest intersection is Dundas West/Keele, Toronto.

I am about a 15 minute walk from Dundas West Subway Station, or you can take the 40 bus. Street parking is available.


imagine...a life free from pain…