Imagine...a life free from pain…

My Story

Becca Lemire, Thai Massage Practitioner, Sound Baths + Guided Meditation.

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The Beginning

In my previous life, I was a full time professional photographer, and before that, a dog walker, organic farmer, and landscape gardener. I have always been a sensitive, empathetic person, drawn towards healing and movement. My wellness journey started 12 years ago, when I herniated a disc in my lower back. Once my healing was far enough along, I signed up for an energy exchange at a yoga studio in Toronto, so I could practice yoga regularly without breaking the bank. I have continued on this journey of exploration of self ever since, eventually stumbling into the hands of a master Thai Massage practitioner, and I unexpectedly fell in love with this ancient healing art. Thai Massage is thought to be 2500+ years old, and is one of four branches of traditional Thai medicine, with influences from Buddhism, Chinese and Ayurveda medicine. In Thai Massage, we work with the Sen lines (Meridians) in the body. 

Through receiving Thai Massages + Sound Baths among other adventures along the way, I have healed my own body, mind and spirit, addressing years of deep layers of tension, anxiety, digestive issues, insomnia, chronic pain + fatigue, and knots. Naturally, I want everyone to experience this feeling.


Before I tried Thai Massage, I had tried plenty of your typical RMT, deep tissue and shiatsu, but Thai Massage just has that special 'je ne sais quoi'. My appetite for Thai Massage could not be ceased - I was hooked and never looked back. During a transformational solo trip to Costa Rica in 2016, I took the plunge and decided to make a big change in my life when I returned to Toronto - to become a Thai Massage practitioner, and to continue on in my life doing both Thai Massage and Photography. They are the perfect yin and yang. [For anyone interested, my photography work can be seen here.]


Early in 2017, I started my training at Thai Massage Toronto, successfully completing my Level 1 & 2 150 Hour Certification, with perfect marks. I now treat clients regularly on a part-time basis. I have also done a Restorative Yoga Training with Andrea Pelosi, which I completed at The Toronto Yoga Conference in April 2018. Thai Massage treatments can range from being on the gentle side, to invigorating. Originally I was compelled to train in Thai Massage so I could pass on the good feelings. During my training and once I started practicing, I realized that Thai Massage has benefits for the practitioner, too. In Thailand, Thai Massage is considered a meditation practice for both the giver and receiver. After I'm finished giving a treatment, I often feel calm, focused and energized. Weird, I know! 

What is Thai Massage?

Thai Massage combines acupressure, stretching, rocking, kneading and assisted yoga postures on the Sen (Meridian) lines in the body. Even 1 session can provide relief from stiffness, pain and tension, and promote full-body energetic clearing and rejuvenation. I pull in various elements I've experienced from my favorite healers in Toronto and Costa Rica. Combining guided mindfulness meditation, aromatherapy, sound healing, restorative yoga and more, I offer dynamic treatments to calm and restore the body, mind and spirit. I can also tailor the treatment to your needs, leaving out all the extra bells and whistles if you desire! When receiving a Thai Massage, comfortable loose fitting clothing is worn and the treatment is done on a massage mat on the ground.


I am eternally a student and I love learning, reading and growing. I'm a self-help junkie. As part of my personal practice, yoga, meditation, exercise and other wellness practices are a regular part of my life. I love exchanging treatments with other practitioners. I regularly attend educational and wellness events, healing circles and group alchemies that correspond with the moon phases.

Sound Baths + Guided Meditation

I first started experiencing Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls in person at group alchemy & sound bath events. Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls are a modernized version of Tibetan Singing Bowls, which are made of metal and have been used for centuries. Quartz Crystal Singing bowls are made out of pure quartz crystal, and are used as meditation and relaxation tools, for deeper Chakra work, and aide in clearing blockages. The notes organically created in each bowl are said to align with the different Chakras. The bowls I am currently working with are C-G-A (Root-Throat-3rd Eye). You do not need to work with a specific bowl/Chakra to feel the relaxing and transcendental affects.

You can experience a silent Sound Bath or pair it with a Guided Meditation, which will be customized. I love getting into the intuitive creative flow during these sessions, and setting a safe space for inner Shamanic Journeying. Crystal Bowl Sound Baths can be added to the end of your Thai Massage, or experienced on its own.


I am not a medical doctor and I, nor Thai Massage, cannot diagnose or treat any medical conditions. Thai Massage is not meant to be a replacement for care through a medical doctor, or any other treatment you may be receiving. Through my personal practice, experience being a practitioner, and through speaking with other practitioners and receivers of Thai Massage, I have found that Thai Massage can be effective at helping with:

  • sore, stiff muscles (from sitting at a computer all day to sports-related)
  • relaxation and stress
  • sciatica
  • fibromyalgia, chronic pain, fatigue and burnout
  • back pain
  • anxiety, overactive mind
  • problems with attention, focusing (ADHD)
  • depression, emotional blockages
  • trauma
  • (re)connecting to one's self
  • strengthening the mind-body connection
  • calming the nervous system
  • This is not a complete list. Please contact me with any questions about Thai Massage and if it's right for you.

In candid language, Thai Massage is very soothing, grounding, nurturing, energizing and relaxing. Yes - it's this crazy mix of both energizing AND relaxing. You gotta try a session to find out what that's like! It can really help with a jump-start when you've fallen out of your gym or fitness routine, suffering from an illness, stress or fatigue, and when you're just generally feeling worn down and crappy. Who doesn't like laying down while someone stretches and massages you into a new state of being?!

My Zodiac Sign for those interested:

Date of Birth: July 16, 1986  •  7:00am Toronto, 43°39' N  79°23' W

Sun in Cancer
You are a sensitive person who can depend on feelings and intuition to get around in life. Possessing good common sense, you are practical and down-to-earth - mothering and protective to all. Security is important. You also love cooking, growing things, and music.

Sun in 12th house
You naturally are a giving person, sacrificing your own interests for the sake of an inner vision - what you feel is right. A born psychologist, you may find yourself counseling and caring for the mental needs of others.

Moon in Scorpio
Yours is a passionate life. Intense feelings and strong attachments make for hot times, and you are fiercely loyal. Secretive, you are not at all superficial but always get to the heart of things. This is good for business. You have a sense for power, wealth, and passion.


Imagine...a life free from pain…