New Year. New Page. Change. Surrender. Letting Go. Growth.

I have some very exciting news to share from Stretch Thai Massage and the hands behind the work, me (Becca)! My journey becoming a Thai Massage & Holistic Wellness Practitioner started 3 years ago with Thai Massage training & hosting Full Moon Sound Bath events. Then came Fascial Stretch Therapy training. And finally, in October 2019 I moved forward with my 12 year love affair with yoga and finally did my 200hour Yoga Teacher Training in Costa Rica.

Something happened when I was in the jungle, sweating it out for 3 weeks at my YTT, 14 hours a day, (with no wifi!). Something shifted inside of me. Something broke apart. When I came home, something was different. I knew I was ready.

And now for the ‘big exciting news’…

As of January 2020, I have gone back to school and I’m currently training to be a Massage Therapist at Kikkawa College! I’m doing the full-time fast track program, which ends in June 2021. I’m so excited to take this big step and move further ahead with my massage career. I’m already learning SO MUCH in the program. Once my program is finished, I’ll be able to serve the community in an even better & deeper way with so many new skills in my toolkit. I’m so excited! I’m grateful for a lot of things. I’m grateful that I happen to live around the corner from one of the best Massage Therapy schools in Ontario (what was I waiting for?!). I’m grateful that my morning commute is a breeze. I’m grateful for OSAP. I’m grateful for my supportive boyfriend, family and friends who are cheering me on.

Get ready to claim your benefits with my services!

Has becoming a full time student again at the age of 33, after being a Freelance Photographer and Entrepreneur for the last 10 years, been an easy transition? Nope. Will it be worth it? Yes! That’s all for now. It’s been a long week of studying and I’m tired :p

I will still be continuing on with booking Thai Massage & my other services while I’m in school, on a more limited basis. I love doing Thai Massage & all the treatments listed on my website, for many reasons. It keeps me grounded and feeling energetically aligned. So don’t feel bad about booking a session with me while I’m in school! Please contact to book - I’m currently only available for weekend and weeknight appointment times, please.

xoxo Becca

February ~ New Moon Restorative Yoga Retreat

Happy New Year! I’m so grateful for getting to host two sold out Restorative Yoga Retreats in December, with a special New Years theme for the 2019/2020 transition… thank you *so much* to everyone who participated and shared sacred space together.

Here’s my next event! Ground and release during the new moon. Surrender to sacred rest. Enjoy Restorative Yoga, a Crystal Bowl Sound Bath and so much more! xo Becca

Purchase tickets here <3


Hello friends, I am feeling so spiritually called & excited to offer these very special New Years-themed holistic wellness events in Toronto!
Allow the energies of this special date transition from 2019/2020 to
amplify your intentions for the new year ahead (and new decade!!) & embrace yourself in self-love. Surrender deeply into BLISS and manifest your DREAMS!

My 2020 is going to look VERY different than 2019, I have some big news I haven’t shared yet, so don’t wait to experience my offerings.

Join me! xoxoxo

~ Becca Lemire // Stretch Thai Massage

Sunday December 29th: ***SOLD OUT*** 12pm - 6pm, Restorative Yoga Retreat open to non-binary, femme & womyn-identifying ppl. 2020 Vision Board making, Sound Bath, vegan dinner and so much more! // Eventbrite //

Tuesday December 31st:  ***SOLD OUT*** 12pm - 6pm, Restorative Yoga Retreat open to non-binary, femme & womyn-identifying ppl. 2020 Vision Board making, Sound Bath, vegan dinner and so much more! // Eventbrite //

April ~ Full Pink Moon Sound Bath + womyn’s circle!

RSVP to reserve your spot HERE on Eventbrite! <3

~* Facebook event page *~

💚 Are you blocked from receiving?
💚 Do you need more self-love in your life and crave some time just for YOU?
💚 Do you self-sabotage?
💚 Do you have a hard time setting boundaries and valuing yourself?
💚 Want to make a life change, but feeling overwhelmed with fear?
💚 Want to experience the healing frequencies of a crystal bowl sound bath?

Join me + an intimate group of lovely ladies as we dive deep into this
topic in a safe space! Doing this work together is powerful and

If you feel like you’re not worthy of attending this event, you’re exactly the person who should 💕🙏🏽

***What to expect***
💜 Lavender honey tea
😎 Snacks!
🌸 Community
💜 I have an abundance of floor mats, yoga mats, blankets, eye pillows, bolsters + pillows for your own cozy vibes (feel free to bring your own fave blanket, eye pillow, yoga mat or crystal etc)
🌸 Costa Rican flower essence potions, CBD edibles + other magical surprises
😎 Manifestation exercises
💕 Intuitive movement
💜 Crystal Singing Bowl + Wind Chime Sound Bath
🌸 Guided Meditation

RSVP to reserve your spot HERE! <3

~* Facebook event page *~

March ~ Spring Equinox + Full Moon Sound Bath!

RSVP to reserve your spot HERE! <3

The full moon is a beautiful time to create positive change and manifest new things in your life! Join me as we celebrate not just March’s Full Moon but also the Spring Equinox on March 21st.

The “Abundance” theme will be explored throughout the evening and deeper in the Guided Meditation + Sound Bath, as we gently clear the parts of ourselves that may be blocked to receiving. It’s all about self love, letting go of a ‘Scarcity’ mindset and being open to abundance! Get out of your own way. I’m honoured to hold space for you as we do this work!

***What to expect***

💜 Lavender tea
😎 Snacks!
🌸 Community
💜 Cozy vibes
🌸 Magical surprises
😎 Manifestation exercises
💕 Movement
💜 Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Bath
🌸 Guided Meditation

RSVP to reserve your spot HERE! <3

January ~ After Work Sound Bath + Guided Meditation at Make Lemonade!

Let’s start off the year right! I’m lucky enough to belong to women’s co-working space Make Lemonade, and on Tuesday January 29th from 7:00pm - 8:30pm, I’ll be creating a zen Sound Bath + Guided Meditation experience for members + guests! You don’t have to be a Make Lemonade member to attend ;)

—> Eventbrite for tickets here

—> Facebook event page here


JUST ANNOUNCED –> Not a member of Make Lemonade *yet*? We
are offering a special combo deal, get a day pass for only $15 (regular
price $25)! Come co-work with us during the day on Tuesday January
29th, before the Sound Bath! That’s only $35 for both (+ taxes and
fees)! Please contact me directly at to arrange


Winter Solstice Ritual at The Quiet Company!

Wow, so this is kind of a big deal! I’m beyond excited and honoured to be offering a Sound Bath at The Quiet Company’s Winter Solstice Ritual on Friday December 21st!

Click the link above to snag your tickets! ***This event sells out so don’t wait*** I especially love being apart of events like this close to the end of the year, it’s such a nice way to ground during all the holiday madness.

Meet the energies of the darkest day of the year and treat yourself to meditation, intention setting, restorative yoga, reiki and sound healing with crystal bowls. Co-creating this special event with me are the lovely Emily Thring (Quiet Company founder) and Kait Fowlie (Reiki and Tarot goddess).

Via The Quiet Company:

“The winter invites us to slow down and nourish our body and mind. It’s a
time of home and hearth, new beginnings and turning in to who we want
to be when the snow melts. Spend the winter solstice healing and setting
intentions for the season ahead.”

Would love to see you there <3

- Becca

$Financial Abundance$ ~ Sound Bath Event!

Financial Abundance - Sound Bath, October!

In September 2018, I started hosting small Sound Bath events in my Thai Massage treatment space, and it’s been beautiful! We were even lucky enough to step out onto my big private balcony and soak in the last few hot nights of early fall for some movement + discussion before the Sound Bath! I decided to start with a topic of Financial Abundance for women, because often we are taught to limit ourselves, to take care of other people first, and dull our own shine. This can affect our finances in sneaky ways, and sometimes when we have issues with money, it can mean we really have issues with much deeper things.

Like so many others, this has been a part of my own journey as a woman and an entrepreneur, and it was really special and powerful to create a space for other women to explore this together.

I’m hosting Financial Abundance - Sound Bath again on Tuesday October 9th, so please email me at to RSVP and secure your spot :) Space is limited.

Here’s a testimonial from September’s event:

✨ “Becca, you held space so divinely for us to tap into &
blast off…So that we could soar into the depths of ourselves. So many
portals of abundance and self love not only opened up for us…But
literally I felt stardust in my veins. Thank you thank you thank you so
much Becca for doing the work, and then showing us the way…I seriously
cannot wait until next time.” - Ash


If you would like to hire me to host a Sound Bath workshop for a private group of friends/family, in your office, yoga studio, community center, etc, please get in touch! :)

xo Becca

My Life Hacks for Less Pain - Part 1

Life is no fun when you’re in pain. And sometimes, an amazing Thai Massage will only help so much, when other things in our lives are causing us constant pain. Here I share some of my favourite Life Hacks for Less Pain - Part 1:

1. Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair - I cannot stress how amazing this chair is for lower back pain/compression. I suggest it to almost anyone I can. I’m sitting on it right now as I type this! It makes such a difference, that when I work at a coffee shop in a ‘normal chair’, my back feels pretty jammed up by the end of the day. It also helps to engage your core and correct bad posture. So important when many of us have jobs where we sit all day. Sitting sucks - your life doesn’t have to ;)

2. Tumeric - This bright orange anti-inflammatory has been used for centuries. I suggest reading up on it, if you experience chronic pain or inflammation. I often try to opt for smoothies or juices that include Tumeric, add it to my stir fry’s and chop up the root to make tea. I combine chopped Tumeric and Ginger roots, a few cloves of chopped organic garlic, honey and lemon with boiled water for an excellent immune-tea. You can add cayenne if you’re feeling feisty!

3. Swap the heavy backpack for a small wheely suitcase. Again, similar to switching desk chairs, the results are noticeable, almost instant, and I wish I had done this sooner. I ordered a small wheely suitcase off Groupon and I use it whenever I have to go somewhere with more than a purse. No more lugging around so much stuff. Newsflash - carrying around a heavy backpack or bag isn’t great for you. I feel so much less shoulder pain now that I’ve switched, and it makes me feel sleek and professional too!

Stay tuned for more of my Life Hacks for Less Pain in a future blog post…

- Becca :)

The Yoga Conference Workshops

Another great year trying a multitude of offerings at The Yoga Conference! Some of Toronto’s best teachers + international experts teach and it’s a chance to try out a huge variety of top-notch talent all under 1 roof.

I did a Restorative Yoga Training with Andrea Peloso, which was incredible and taught me so much about the fundamentals of real Restorative Yoga. I’m excited to integrate this training into my Thai Massage treatments. Sometimes even the slightest of changes to a Restorative prop can mean all the difference in turning off the Sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight) and allowing the Parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest) to take over, allowing for true healing inside the body.

I also took Ashley Turner’s Cord Cutting + Core Power and Clarity Bartleet’s Kali Yoga classes, which were both amazing, and full of activating tools for releasing unhealthy attachments, and tapping into your boundaries and intuition.

Finally, I had to wrestle myself out of bed to attend legendary teachers Colleen Saidman-Yee and Rodney Yee’s Complete 1 Day Retreat - yes, that means a 6 hour yoga class. And. I did it! They have an incredible flow together as yoga teachers + partners in life and love, and I felt on top of the world after.

Time For a Yoga Retreat

BRB…It’s so important to take time for yourself.

It’s at the tail-end of winter and it’s time I make a sweet escape! Off I go to my happy place, Anamaya Yoga Retreats in Montezuma, Costa Rica for 3 weeks of yoga and sunshine. I will also be visiting the hot springs and volcanoes of La Fortuna, and the rolling waves of Montezuma on my trip. This is my 2nd time going to Costa Rica and I can’t wait to wake up my body from the winter slumber, as we prepare for springtime in Toronto.

I will be away from March 17-April 7th, and I look forward to booking a treatment with you when I’m back.

- Becca

The Curiosities of Fascia

While reading the latest issue of Yoga Journal Magazine (Jan/Feb 2018), I was particularly interested in the article “What You Need to Know About Fascia” by Tom Meyers (page 42 in the magazine).

If, like me, you’re always curious to learn more about the science behind why things like Thai Massage, yoga and stretching feels so good, I highly suggest giving this article a read. Fascia, you are so fascinating! No wonder when on the receiving end, and my clients, are reduced to a dreamy jello-like state after a Thai Massage treatment. Our fascia could not be happier after being stretched. 

- Becca

On Traveling Alone (And Sometimes Not)

Traveling alone has been a very important part of my spiritual journey in my life. So far I’ve traveled alone to the St. Croix USVI, Tortola BVI and Puerto Rico, Cuba several times, the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, Vancouver, Washington State, and other little trips here and there. My longest trip was 9 months, and most of my solo journeys are between 2 weeks - 2 months long.

It’s a chance to really test yourself, get outside your comfort zone, reflect, and grow. You are in the driver’s seat. It can be thrilling, satisfying, scary, peaceful, lonely, challenging and rewarding. I highly recommend it. In today’s modern world, you can choose to be as “alone” as you want to be. I have WWOOF’d, lived on eco-villages, organic farms and yoga centers, stayed in tents and hostels, yoga retreats, and the occasional resort.

On that note, change can also be good! From January 12 - 21 2018, I will be traveling to Italy for the first time with my boyfriend! We can’t wait to explore Venice, Rome and Sicily together. I’m feeling excited to welcome the new experience of traveling with someone special by my side.

If you’re contacting me to book an appointment during this time, please note I won’t be checking my email as frequently while away. Please expect a delay and I look forward to returning your email as soon as I am able.


- Becca

[Real photo from our Rooftop Penthouse Airbnb Suite we booked in Palermo, Sicily! So thankful Airbnb exists.]

Goddess ReBirth in 2018

The new year is here, and I’m so thrilled to be joining a group of amazing womxn healers on Saturday January 6th, 2018 for Goddess ReBirth! Come join us and start off the New Year shedding whatever remains from 2017.

Check out all the info on the Facebook event page here.

Tickets can be purchased via Eventbrite here.

Photo by me. Playa Carrillo sunset, Costa Rica.