$Financial Abundance$ ~ Sound Bath Event!

Financial Abundance - Sound Bath, October!

In September 2018, I started hosting small Sound Bath events in my Thai Massage treatment space, and it’s been beautiful! We were even lucky enough to step out onto my big private balcony and soak in the last few hot nights of early fall for some movement + discussion before the Sound Bath! I decided to start with a topic of Financial Abundance for women, because often we are taught to limit ourselves, to take care of other people first, and dull our own shine. This can affect our finances in sneaky ways, and sometimes when we have issues with money, it can mean we really have issues with much deeper things.

Like so many others, this has been a part of my own journey as a woman and an entrepreneur, and it was really special and powerful to create a space for other women to explore this together.

I’m hosting Financial Abundance - Sound Bath again on Tuesday October 9th, so please email me at stretchbybecca@gmail.com to RSVP and secure your spot :) Space is limited.

Here’s a testimonial from September’s event:

✨ “Becca, you held space so divinely for us to tap into &
blast off…So that we could soar into the depths of ourselves. So many
portals of abundance and self love not only opened up for us…But
literally I felt stardust in my veins. Thank you thank you thank you so
much Becca for doing the work, and then showing us the way…I seriously
cannot wait until next time.” - Ash


If you would like to hire me to host a Sound Bath workshop for a private group of friends/family, in your office, yoga studio, community center, etc, please get in touch! :)

xo Becca