April ~ Full Pink Moon Sound Bath + womyn’s circle!

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πŸ’š Are you blocked from receiving?
πŸ’š Do you need more self-love in your life and crave some time just for YOU?
πŸ’š Do you self-sabotage?
πŸ’š Do you have a hard time setting boundaries and valuing yourself?
πŸ’š Want to make a life change, but feeling overwhelmed with fear?
πŸ’š Want to experience the healing frequencies of a crystal bowl sound bath?

Join me + an intimate group of lovely ladies as we dive deep into this
topic in a safe space! Doing this work together is powerful and

If you feel like you’re not worthy of attending this event, you’re exactly the person who should πŸ’•πŸ™πŸ½

***What to expect***
πŸ’œ Lavender honey tea
😎 Snacks!
🌸 Community
πŸ’œ I have an abundance of floor mats, yoga mats, blankets, eye pillows, bolsters + pillows for your own cozy vibes (feel free to bring your own fave blanket, eye pillow, yoga mat or crystal etc)
🌸 Costa Rican flower essence potions, CBD edibles + other magical surprises
😎 Manifestation exercises
πŸ’• Intuitive movement
πŸ’œ Crystal Singing Bowl + Wind Chime Sound Bath
🌸 Guided Meditation

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~* Facebook event page *~