My Life Hacks for Less Pain - Part 1

Life is no fun when you’re in pain. And sometimes, an amazing Thai Massage will only help so much, when other things in our lives are causing us constant pain. Here I share some of my favourite Life Hacks for Less Pain - Part 1:

1. Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair - I cannot stress how amazing this chair is for lower back pain/compression. I suggest it to almost anyone I can. I’m sitting on it right now as I type this! It makes such a difference, that when I work at a coffee shop in a ‘normal chair’, my back feels pretty jammed up by the end of the day. It also helps to engage your core and correct bad posture. So important when many of us have jobs where we sit all day. Sitting sucks - your life doesn’t have to ;)

2. Tumeric - This bright orange anti-inflammatory has been used for centuries. I suggest reading up on it, if you experience chronic pain or inflammation. I often try to opt for smoothies or juices that include Tumeric, add it to my stir fry’s and chop up the root to make tea. I combine chopped Tumeric and Ginger roots, a few cloves of chopped organic garlic, honey and lemon with boiled water for an excellent immune-tea. You can add cayenne if you’re feeling feisty!

3. Swap the heavy backpack for a small wheely suitcase. Again, similar to switching desk chairs, the results are noticeable, almost instant, and I wish I had done this sooner. I ordered a small wheely suitcase off Groupon and I use it whenever I have to go somewhere with more than a purse. No more lugging around so much stuff. Newsflash - carrying around a heavy backpack or bag isn’t great for you. I feel so much less shoulder pain now that I’ve switched, and it makes me feel sleek and professional too!

Stay tuned for more of my Life Hacks for Less Pain in a future blog post…

- Becca :)