On Traveling Alone (And Sometimes Not)

Traveling alone has been a very important part of my spiritual journey in my life. So far I’ve traveled alone to the St. Croix USVI, Tortola BVI and Puerto Rico, Cuba several times, the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, Vancouver, Washington State, and other little trips here and there. My longest trip was 9 months, and most of my solo journeys are between 2 weeks - 2 months long.

It’s a chance to really test yourself, get outside your comfort zone, reflect, and grow. You are in the driver’s seat. It can be thrilling, satisfying, scary, peaceful, lonely, challenging and rewarding. I highly recommend it. In today’s modern world, you can choose to be as “alone” as you want to be. I have WWOOF’d, lived on eco-villages, organic farms and yoga centers, stayed in tents and hostels, yoga retreats, and the occasional resort.

On that note, change can also be good! From January 12 - 21 2018, I will be traveling to Italy for the first time with my boyfriend! We can’t wait to explore Venice, Rome and Sicily together. I’m feeling excited to welcome the new experience of traveling with someone special by my side.

If you’re contacting me to book an appointment during this time, please note I won’t be checking my email as frequently while away. Please expect a delay and I look forward to returning your email as soon as I am able.


- Becca

[Real photo from our Rooftop Penthouse Airbnb Suite we booked in Palermo, Sicily! So thankful Airbnb exists.]