“As an RMT, I loved the Thai Massage Becca gave me. She is a natural!”

- Cecilia, Registered Massage Therapist

"I just wanted to thank you again for today's session! It felt really good and relaxing, and it was lovely to meet you. Thank you for holding a space for me to access my spirituality in this healing process, and for sharing your story with me! Today I am feeling more settled, and more confident in the tough decisions I have to make, definitely thanks to your support. And my back is not hurting!"

- Brune, musician

"I decided to try Thai Massage after a challenging period in my life, when I had been feeling very stressed and not taking greatcare of myself. I have had a fair bit of massage over the years, mostly Swedish, but I wanted to try something that I felt would combine the relaxing and restorative benefits of traditional massage with the invigorating and “awakening” aspects of stretching and yoga. After my first Thai Massage session with Becca, I was completely hooked. I felt so relaxed and loose afterward, but also more in tune with my body and aware of how dormant I had been for so many months. She seemed to know intuitively how far to push me, and what areas needed work. After a few sessions, I told her about a chronic pain and tightness I have had for several years, just below my right shoulder blade. She worked on that area intensely, gently pulling and massaging, and I was astounded that my pain was gone afterward. It has been several weeks, and it has not returned. She gave me some stretches to do for that area as well, and they have helped to keep that pain at bay. I am so thrilled! Deciding to try Thai Massage was one of the best decisions I have made for my myself in a long time. I absolutely love it!"

- Sara, writer

"I have to admit that I'm skeptical of things that appear a bit "new age". However, a serious health scare, paired with the general every-day stress of living, put me in a position where I wanted to seek healthy, drug-free ways of healing my body and mind. Becca has a unique program that combines Thai massage, meditation, aromatherapy, yoga, and ambient music that allows you to enter an almost trance-like state. It's a safe, calming atmosphere in which you can separate yourself from negativity and reset your brain. Becca takes great care to put you at ease, and her Thai Massage technique will squish and knead your muscles until you feel like jello. I get a lot out of these sessions and will continue to do them; I suggest you give it a try!"

- Patrick, urban planner

“I feel fantastic! Becca’s space is really serene, she’s great at what she does + is the right balance of professional and comfortable. Highly recommend.”

- Vicki, computer software developer

“I really enjoyed the Thai massage with Becca and my pain had decreased pretty dramatically by the end of it. I thought it was really cool to see how she integrated meditation and aromatherapy into the treatment.”

- Margeaux, grad student

“Thank you so much for the massage. Not only do I have less pain, I feel looser and with much more energy. I felt very refreshed after and still do. Fantastic.”

- Liz, retired